View of the Double Inclined Arch bridge on the 'S' alignment without and with context.

View from Double Inclined Arch bridge on the 'S' alignment going North to South touchdown.

View of the Double Inclined Arch bridge from the freeway on the 'S' alignment.

View while kayaking from Lake Merritt Channel to the Bay looking at the Double Inclined Arch.

For animations of additional bridge structure types, please click here.


Designed to be elegant and timeless, the Lake Merritt to Bay Trail Bridge has the potential to become an iconic feature of the emerging Oakland Estuary landscape. The gently arcing forms of the Bridge will recall Oakland’s important boating history, and its modest and sinuous profile nestles neatly into the surrounding fabric of buildings and infrastructure. 

    The Design Guidelines document serves three purposes:

    1. Creates project-specific design requirements and objectives from constraints established by codes, regulations, project stakeholders, and community priorities; 
    2. Establishes clear criteria for assessing design solution priorities; and
    3. Confirms stakeholder’s requirements and informs the public of how specific design criteria shape the project.

    Click here to access the Design Guidelines document. Please note that this is a living document and will be updated as the project is refined.